Möbius, The Poetry Magazine | “Crusade Resulting in Spain” | Philip Kobylarz

Crusade Resulting in Spain

By Philip Kobylarz

Migration Issue, Fall 2015

Marvels in clouds. An angel, bare breasted, wings

lowered, wears a bracelet and dreams of perching

on granite that is good like a life had, then passed.

Crowds at the market walk through each other

with closed eyes. Peeking at the ground below,

snails are stretching out, after rain, extending

antennae, in steps that are wishes for bone.

Splinters in concrete, flowers sprout, a natural

yellow, griffin feathers caught in the leaves of trees.

The castle fell at mid-sun today and bodies

were thrown about the gateway. Presumed to rot

until only armor remains. Coat of arms, eggshells of tombstones.

CoopersRocki_2015-09-20 17

Photo Credit | Gail Taylor, 2015

Philip Kobylarz is a teacher and writer of fiction, poetry, book reviews, and essays. He has worked as a journalist and film critic for newspapers in Memphis, TN. His work appears in such publications as Paris Review, Poetry, and The Best American Poetry series. The author of a book of poems concerning life in the south of France, he has recently published a short story collection titled Now Leaving Nowheresville.

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