Möbius, The Poetry Magazine | “At The Bird Sanctuary” | Amy Barone

At the Bird Sanctuary

By Amy Barone

Migration Issue, Fall 2015

A comforting stillness,

tropical-like greens form an oasis of shade.

Spurts of daffodils blanket the floor of this secret room

where reveries of another time haunt.

When in the throes of panic fourteen years ago,

I discovered the mini park

and from a bench sought solace.

Prayed for nature to take its course;

I couldn’t imagine life with an aimless musician,

preferred the path of travel and youth that few strings prolongs.

I now return to pray that nature reverse its course,

for a vitality to return to my mother that the stroke robbed,

that she relearn to speak, read, write, drive.

Half hurriedly I pass the verdant haven longing to stay.

Priorities sit on a constantly revolving lazy susan.

I didn’t realize I had the perfect life.

Roles reordered, I rush off to an aging parent,

to cook, clean, and shop in an overly-bright suburban supermarket.

I long for conversation that will never come.

I watch her watch tv.

She shuffles to the kitchen for the highlight of her day:

Three hearty meals, always dessert.

I thought I’d never be able to make up for all the dinners she cooked.


Photo Credit | Gail Taylor (2015)

Amy Barone’s new chapbook Kamikaze Dance was released in February, 2015 by Finishing Line Press.

She was recognized as a finalist in the publisher’s annual New Women’s Voices Chapbook Competition. Her poetry has appeared in First Literary Review-East, Gradiva, Impolite Conversation (UK), Italian Americana, Paterson Literary Review, Philadelphia Poets, and Wild Violet, among others. Her first chapbook, Views from the Driveway, was published by Foothills Publishing in 2008.

Barone spent five years as Italian correspondent in Milan for Women’s Wear Daily and Advertising Age. She is a former board member of the Italian American Writers Association where she co-organized and promoted their monthly readings in New York City.

She participates in spoken-word events in New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia. She is a professional member of PEN America Center and belongs to the brevitas online poetry community that celebrates the short poem. A native of Bryn Mawr, PA, Barone lives in New York City.

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