Möbius, The Poetry Magazine | “Flying Through the Clouds” | Alan Semerdjian

Flying Through the Clouds

By Alan Semerdjian

Migration Issue, Fall 2015


Those giant wispy dreamlike

things we move through

during periods of transition –

face, time zones for another –

those immortals’ beards, precise. 

White.  Angelic. Volcano. 

How they stamp the letters

of our lives.  How they pop

hint at sadness yet navigate

the in between with collected

neutrality, sweet tufts of space

for the sun and our besties

to surf through, wishes and secrets,

ambitions and alive.  Even

the long frown of ego, who

occasionally makes it up

this high, thinks twice about

shouting up here, raising its voice

in an emptiness surely designed

to quiet all things once proud,

once weighted, all things without

fear or awe.  Love, this is how

we are meant to love, in and out

of knots of air gentler than

the finger and touch, one minute

on top, the next through and inside

of dimension and depth, seeing

everything and nothing, every time

the first time.  Love, these layers

of miles unaccountable and without

distance, how they mirror the inside

of our cells, how alive, our bodies,

the universe, thought without condition,

hope without a prize. 

                                                Oh, but the pull

of gravity.  Oh, but the swallow

of light back into history, the must end

of endlessness gridding the walkways

of our collective belows.

Angel | Gail Taylor 2015

Writer, musician, and educator Alan Semerdjian’s poems and essays have appeared in over fifty print and online publications and anthologies including Adbusters, Diagram, Ararat, and Brooklyn Rail.  He released a chapbook of poems called An Improvised Device (Lock n Load Press) in 2005 and his first full-length book In the Architecture of Bone(GenPop Books) in 2009.  His songs have appeared in television and film and charted on CMJ.  He earned his MFA at Goddard College in 2002 and currently teaches English at Herricks High School in New Hyde Park, NY.  Alan resides in New York City’s East Village.

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