Möbius, The Poetry Magazine | “The Unveiling” | Dorothy Shannon

The Unveiling

By Dorothy Shannon

Migration Issue, 2015


The young rabbi fails to show up, lost

while driving to this forgotten graveyard.

Once peaceful countryside, tract houses

push against the cyclone fence.

Our parents’ plots, passed on to them

by their own immigrant parents,

who longed for familiar faces even in death,

lie among our grandparents’ lantsmen.

Children, spouses, grandchildren,

great-grandchildren in arms

circle the grave for a final goodbye,

send our messages to the man

we finally knew in his last years

when he no longer drudged long hours

at work that helped us all move on.

Stalwart Red Sox fan, he claimed

they keep me alive.

We want to tell him how

the prize is finally theirs,

wonder if he helped this happen.


Dorothy Shannon

Former first grade teacher
Leader of memoir writing workshop
Author of chapbook A Prism in the Window
Published and winner of awards in numerous journals

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