Möbius, The Poetry Magazine | “The Road To” | Robert Manaster

The Road To

By Robert Manaster

Migration Issue, 2015

The Road to 

Where do you start?— there’s never been concern;

A Roanoke, Sioux-City, Hoover-Dam

Progress informs you westward. Free to turn

At will, work hard, and prosper in Puritan

Plans— oh, pursue your dream to build a home.

And buy your plots, develop roads, connect

Masses to richness of the chapel dome.

For God’s sake, raise the flag and stand erect.

And why not raise standards?— gain property,

Reserve a right to save some green and grow

Gardens, engage in grand prosperity

At a sought-out grove upon those hills that glow.

Perhaps this road ahead leads to Bob Hope,

To coconut and loads of cantaloupe.

Robert Manaster’s poetry and co-translations have appeared in numerous journals including Rosebud, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Image, The Literary Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, and Spillway. His co-translation of Ronny Someck’s The Milk Underground (White Pine Press, 2015) was awarded the Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation. He’s also published reviews in such publications as Rattle, Jacket2, and Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. Currently, he’s an Assistant Editor at Fifth Wednesday Journal. 

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